Market Research

Mr. Glover recently retired after more than 40 years in high technology industries (fighter aircraft, research analytical instrumentation and high speed scanners for document management) with 32 of those years being in computer or computer related companies. Currently, he performs market research and serves as the technical advisor to NJG Associates.

During his early career, he was an Air Force base instructor on fire control (RADAR) and autopilot systems installed in fighter aircraft. As a result of considerable experience in microwave technology, he entered the field of marketing, serving mostly as a strategic planner and later in upper management with several prominent companies such as General Electric’s Light Military Electronics Division, Varian Associates, Digital Equipment Corporation and Ricoh North America. While with Digital Equipment, Mr. Glover was a contributing author in a university level textbook, Computers in Chemical and Biochemical Research, published by Academic Press.

Mr. Glover is a graduate of Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a BS in Math and Physics.

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