CNGVP Formation

Situation – South Coast Air Quality Management District adopted the Fleet Rules in 2001. This presented a real challenge to those industries that were getting into the Alternative Fuel industry for the first time. The Fleet Rules was also a challenge for several government agencies.

Solution – Norma Glover felt there was a great opportunity for government agencies, environmentalists and the alternative fuel companies to partner in joint efforts that would be mutually beneficial. She believed that instead of working independently, it would be best if they would work together to achieve the goals of each entity. She was convinced that if a partnership of all interested parties could be formed, the results would be much better for everyone.

Results – In early 2002, the California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership, CNGVP, was formed under her guidance as Chairman of SCAQMD. The Partnership began as an alliance of 33 entities, which included state and federal energy, transportation and air quality agencies, together with vehicle and engine manufacturers, fuel suppliers, vehicle fleet operators, transit and refuse hauler associations, environmental organizations and other interested stakeholders. Shortly thereafter, a Partnership Website,, was launched to provide information to the membership and other interested parties.