Houston Air Pollution MOU

Situation – As Chairman of SCAQMD, Norma Glover recognized the fact that 2 of the most polluted metropolitan areas, SCAQMD (most of the counties of Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange) and Houston, also had a considerable number of other similarities, being:

Solution – An Alliance between Houston and SCAQMD that was similar to the “sister cities” concept but with a focus on improving air quality. It would allow for an exchange of technical and policy information to enhance air pollution control efforts.

Areas of possible informational exchange were identified as scientific/technical expertise, laboratory analysis, new and developing technologies, implementation of incentive programs and innovative ideas.

An Alliance could increase political effectiveness in gaining a greater push for emission reductions from federally controlled sources, i.e. Locomotives, Aircraft, marine Vessels and Off-Road Construction Equipment. It could also be of great assistance in seeking federal funding for demonstration projects.

The steps toward an Alliance were identified as an agreement in principle that an alliance would be beneficial to both SCAQMD and Houston. After that would be a review and consideration of a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), followed by a formalization of the MOU.

Results - The SCAQMD/Houston MOU was formalized and mutually signed by appropriate individuals.