SCAQMD Public Image

Situation – After the SCAQMD building was completed in Diamond Bar, CA, a negative image began to grow with the CA State Legislators in Sacramento, contending the cost was excessive and the square footage far exceeded the requirement of the number of people occupying it. The building was on a hill overlooking a major freeway and its image as the “Taj Mahal” was in clear view of a large population of commuters. The SCAQMD image of big bucks, bad for business and applying too many penalties needed to change from negative to positive, not only to the state legislators but to the local citizens as well.

Solution – As a newly elected member of the SCAQMD Board, Norma made a decision to change this image through a positive action program, consisting of the following:

Results - The 5 point program received the full support of SCAQMD and by the time Norma was Vice-Chairman, the positive image had been achieved with the state legislators, as well as the Orange County business and citizen community. SCAQMD was viewed as an agency that not only operates better but proved that improving the air could be non-partisan effort. The building’s vacant space was leased to other government agencies and houses the Diamond Bar City Hall. SCAQMD Headquarters was no longer viewed as the “Taj Mahal”.