World NGV 2002

Theme: Clean Transportation for a Livable World

Place: Washington, DC

Date: October 8, 2002

Opening Remarks: Norma Glover, Chairman SCAQMD



“SCAQMD's support of a transition to cleaner fuels is based on the conviction that our entire urban infrastructure will be stronger and more livable because we took informed steps toward lower-pollution and pollution-free technologies. We are also committed to this course of action as a tool for making environmental justice improvements, by reducing the health impacts of toxic diesel exhaust on disadvantaged communities. Now is the time to transition away from traditional diesel to a cleaner fleet in our cities.
In addition, we believe that a common theme of the American economy is that competition makes stronger products and more satisfied consumers. We believe that competition between diesel and natural gas is healthy for our fuels marketplace and critical to our efforts to achieve less-polluting diesel technologies.”