Kaohsiung 2000 International Conference in Air Quality Management

Sponsored by Bureau of Air Quality Protection and Noise Control Environmental Protection Administration

Theme: Air Quality Management in Taiwan

Place: Grand Formosa, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Date: November 2, 2000

Speaker: Norma J. Glover, Vice Chair AQMD Governing Board

A Local Perspective on Air Quality Management



“Collaboration between the public and private sectors is critical to progress toward cleaner air. When it comes to dirty air, both action and inaction have significant costs and risks.

It is important to remember that the issues we face are never two- - they're many –sided. We need input from science, industry, engineering; from the law, from the public; from business-owners. All these skills and more are needed to develop fair, integrated policies that fully incorporate advanced knowledge and changing community needs. I call this “nexus thinking”, as compared to the “old style” that often occurred under rigid, command – and – control approaches in the past. But in the end, as a democracy requires, we as elected officials must weigh all the information and decide on a course of action.”